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Saturday, January 27, 2024,  7:30 p.m.


Music of a Silent World


Tavian Cox, Cortez Mitchell, Gerrod Pagenkopf*,

Bradley Sharpe, Logan Shields, Adam Brett Ward – countertenor

Vineel Garisa Mahal*, Matthew Mazzola, Andrew Van Allsburg – tenor

Andy Berry*, Jared Graveley, Matthew Knickman – baritone and bass


Tim Keeler – Music Director



Lost in the Stars†                                                        Kurt Weill (1900-1950), arr. Gene Puerling

Abendständchen - op. 83, no. 3                                 Max Reger (1873-1916)

Stardust                                                                      Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981),

arr. Jared Graveley



Cibavit eos                                                                  Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517)

Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen                                Isaac

Lieblich hat sich gesellet - op. 83, no. 2                     Reger

I Remember                                                                Stephen Sondheim (1930-2021),

arr. Joseph Jennings




I Am a Tree from The Rivers are our Brothers           Majel Connery (b. 1979), arr. Majel Connery

and Doug Balliett

arrangements co-commissioned by Chanticleer and Musica Sierra in 2023

with support from Ken Grant

I miss you like I miss the trees                                   Ayanna Woods (b. 1992)

commissioned by Chanticleer in 2023

Abschied - op. 83, no. 9                                              Reger

Willow Weep for Me†                                               Ann Ronell (1905-1993), arr. Jennings





I Am a River from The Rivers are our Brothers          Connery, arr. Connery and Balliett

Washing of the Water†                                              Peter Gabriel (b. 1950), arr. Mason Bates

arrangement commissioned by Chanticleer in 2013



I Am the Air from The Rivers are our Brothers          Connery, arr. Connery and Balliett

Hochsommernacht - op. 83, no. 5                             Reger

Eine ganz neue Schelmweys - op. 83, no. 6               Reger



I Am a Cloud from The Rivers are our Brothers         Connery, arr. Connery and Balliett

Both Sides Now†                                                        Joni Mitchell (b. 1943), arr. Vince Peterson

arrangement commissioned by Chanticleer in 2013



(to be selected from)

I Am Snow from The Rivers are our Brothers             Connery, arr. Connery and Balliett

Shenandoah†                                                             Traditional, arr. Marshall Bartholomew and

                                                                                    James Erb

Little April Shower                                                     Frank Churchill (1901-1942),

arr. Adam Brett Ward

The Weather                                                              Clyde Lawrence, Gracie Lawrence, Jonathan

David Bellion, Jonathan Koh, Jordan Cohen,

arr. Vineel Garisa Mahal

Wildflowers                                                                Tom Petty (b. 1950), arr. Tim Keeler

Blue Skies†                                                                 Irving Berlin (1888-1989), arr. Jennings

Somebody to Love†                                                   Freddie Mercury (1946-1991), arr. Peterson

arrangement commissioned by Chanticleer in 2011


The GRAMMY® Award-winning vocal ensemble Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for its wide-ranging repertoire and dazzling virtuosity.  Founded in San Francisco in 1978 by singer and musicologist Louis Botto, Chanticleer quickly took its place as one of the most prolific recording and touring ensembles in the world, selling over one million recordings and performing thousands of live concerts to audiences around the world.

Chanticleer’s repertoire is rooted in the renaissance, and has continued to expand to include a wide range of classical, gospel, jazz, popular music, and a deep commitment to the commissioning of new compositions and arrangements. The ensemble has committed much of its vast recording catalogue to these commissions, garnering GRAMMY® Awards for its recording of Sir John Tavener’s “Lamentations & Praises”, and the ambitious collection of commissioned works entitled “Colors of Love”.  Chanticleer is the recipient of the Dale Warland/Chorus America Commissioning Award and the ASCAP/Chorus America Award for Adventurous Programming, and its Music Director Emeritus Joseph H. Jennings received the Brazeal Wayne Dennard Award for his contribution to the African-American choral tradition during his tenure with Chanticleer. 









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