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The Phoenix Chamber Music Society


Tuesday, April 7 is "Arizona Gives Day" 


The PCMS has joined with the effort to support Arizona's non-profit organizations in this one day of support and fund raising.  

Many of you already have graciously donated to the Society and with your help we have maintained our performing Artists Master classes and Festival.  Your aid is greatly appreciated. 

We are slowly enlarging our outreach to performances in the public schools to counter the loss of their music education.  This last month the Society joined with the Harlem Quartet in providing a performance for the patients at Children's Hospital as well as a grade school concert and a masters class. 

The purpose of this letter is two fold.  First to tell our members of "Arizona Gives Day" for all the nonprofits.  Second to urge you to give a donation to help the Phoenix Chamber Music Society expand the programs we have started; to continue our Winter Festival, more master classes, reach more students, and promote music education for the next generation. 

You need not give a large amount. Each donation helps; both directly, and it shows that we are providing a value to the community.  


If you can, join in and click the link below to help preserve 
 Chamber Music - The Music of Friends.



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